I Tried The AIP Diet


The Auto-Immune Protocol Diet is basically the Paleo Diet, but more restrictive. The theory is that if you remove certain foods that irritate the gut, it will give your immune system a chance to settle down and in turn, reduce inflammation.


I don’t have an autoimmune disease, but I have multiple food intolerances, including many foods that are restricted on this diet, so I thought it could help me reduce my symptoms and further identify food triggers.


I was already paleo and low fodmaps. So the main things I had to cut were nuts, eggs, chocolate, and coffee.

What Were The Benefits?

  • Because the diet was so restrictive, it was easier to pinpoint which foods were giving me a reaction.
  • Taking a break from nuts and seeds seemed helpful. When I eat too many nuts, I become bloated and constipated, especially with all the almond flour, almond milk and almond butter I added to my diet after quitting gluten.

What Were The Consequences?

  • Quitting coffee was painful. I went through withdrawal for 4 days and didn’t noticed any benefit from being off coffee. Keep in mind, I was only drinking a half a cup of day, so pretty harmless.
  • My symptoms worsened with the increase of meat in my diet.
  • I was bloated all the time, I think because of all the fiber.

Did The AIP Diet Work For You?

No. My symptoms were actually worse until I cut out meat. Then my symptoms improved, but my body was desperately craving protein. So unfortunately, this diet is not the right fit for me at this point.


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