Gabrielle is the first name of self-made fashion icon Coco Chanel as well as her most classic and wearable red lipstick. My name is Margot Loren and is my perspective on what it means to be a 30-something woman who is creative, ambitious, and loves a good red lip.

Modern femininity has transcended rules. Today a woman can be empowered, intellectual, authentic, and aspire to be beautiful on the outside. She can be both masculine and feminine, natural and enhanced, refined and effortless, on-trend and timeless. I identify with many different and often contradictory aspects of femininity, and my style reflects that. My style is also constantly evolving, like the cities and culture that inspire me.

In my 20s I was a little too caught up in the ephemeral cycles of fashion. As I get older, my taste is less affected by the change around me. I’ve realized that there are parts of my appearance and vibe that are never going to change, and I am learning to embrace that. In turn, I enjoy the fact that who I am is in constant flux on a river of change that propels me towards the beautiful “I don’t give a fuck” phase of 40 something womanhood. My identity cannot be summarized in an outfit, but I love to express myself through the clothes I wear.

I created this blog to share my style evolution as I aspire to be the woman I want to be and deepen my appreciation for the woman I already am. Along the way, I will be sharing my thoughts on health and wellness, relationships, and career as I strive to realize my potential as a woman, artist, wife, and boss lady. Follow me on this journey for an honest account of what’s it’s like to walk (and stumble) in my stilettos as well as inspiration on how to curate a home, wardrobe, and lifestyle that has the same beauty, power, and grace as the perfect red lipstick.