Gabrielle is the first name of self-made fashion icon Coco Chanel as well as her most classic and wearable red lipstick. My name is Margot Loren and is my perspective on what it means to be a 30-something woman who is creative, ambitious, and loves a good red lip.

Modern femininity has transcended rules. Today a woman can be empowered, intellectual, authentic, and aspire to be beautiful on the outside. She can be both masculine and feminine, natural and enhanced, refined and effortless, on-trend and timeless. I identify with many different and often contradictory aspects of femininity, and my style reflects that. My style is also constantly evolving, like the cities and culture that inspire me.

In my 20s I was a little too caught up in the ephemeral cycles of fashion. As I get older, my taste is less affected by the change around me. I’ve realized that there are parts of my appearance and vibe that are never going to change, and I am learning to embrace that. In turn, I enjoy the fact that who I am is in constant flux on a river of change that propels me towards the beautiful “I don’t give a fuck” phase of 40 something womanhood. My identity cannot be summarized in an outfit, but I love to express myself through the clothes I wear.

I created this blog to share my style evolution as I aspire to be the woman I want to be and deepen my appreciation for the woman I already am. Along the way, I will be sharing my thoughts on health and wellness, relationships, and career as I strive to realize my potential as a woman, artist, wife, and boss lady. Follow me on this journey for an honest account of what’s it’s like to walk (and stumble) in my stilettos as well as inspiration on how to curate a home, wardrobe, and lifestyle that has the same beauty, power, and grace as the perfect red lipstick.


Who are you? I’m a Gen X creative based in San Francisco. You can learn all about me and my current projects at

What’s your sign? Aries

How tall are you? I’m petite: 5’2”, size 5 shoe!

Why don’t you follow anyone on social media? Social media sucks a big D. It’s draining, distracting, and depressing. I haven’t figured out how to follow people without getting sucked into a social media vortex that usually spits me out feeling depleted, disconnected, or down (let’s keep that alliteration going!). There are only so many hours in the day, and I’d rather spend my time creating high-quality, thoughtful, honest, and original content that I hope will help you reach your potential as a woman and show you how to get the most out of life. All of that content lives right here on this blog, so go ahead and dig in.

What’s an editorial? In a fashion magazine an editorial is like a short visual story told with about 5 fashion photos that illustrate an idea or concept. On this blog, my editorials are full-fledged fashion stories with 13 looks (and over 65 images) that explore a particular theme. Each of my fashion editorials begins with a letter from the editor (that’s me) that introduces the theme and what it means to me personally.

Where do you get your clothes? All the clothes I am pictured wearing on this site are clothes that I bought with my own money. I pull from my own wardrobe to style my editorials because I want these fashion stories to represent my personal style with looks that I would actually wear (and do wear) in real life. My favorite place to shop is

Who takes your photographs? All the photos in my fashion editorials are taken by a professional fashion photographer that I hired specifically for that shoot (find out which one in the editorial “recap”). I put a lot of effort into booking the particular photographer, hair stylist, and makeup artist that I think would best bring my vision for each editorial to life. That means my team often changes for each shoot, and I’m always looking for new artists to work with. All the photos featuring my personal lifestyle (of my husband, dogs, travel, etc) are taken by me.

What kind of dogs are those? I have two blue french bulldogs named Roux and Smith. I know, frenchies are a fashion blogger cliché, but this breed is truly amazing and these dogs are my babies.

Are you going to have kids? I don’t know yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Learn more about my struggles with pregnancy here.

Why are you so thin? I eat a clean, whole foods based diet. Also, I have a chronic illness that makes it really hard for me to gain weight. My goal is to weigh at least 98 lbs, but for the past few years I have not been able to get over 95 lbs. Learn more about my health issues here.

What’s your workout regimen? You can follow my weekly workouts here.

What’s your beauty regimen? Learn more about skincare regimen here.

Can I see your closet? Stay tuned for a tour of my closet.